Nadia Bielecka: A “Yes” that changed my career

<!– wp:acf/what-people-say { "id": "block_62066bb1ffdde", "name": "acf\/what-people-say", "data": { "title": "\"My job adds value to people’s lives. It’s ALL about PEOPLE.\"", "_title": "field_6041e94c56a76", "content": "", "_content": "field_6041e94c56ab3", "text_1": "August 2021. It was a summer day after my graduation. I still had holidays, but – typically for me – I was already busy looking for a job. My fiancé wanted to go to a music store to pick up some stuff and he insisted that I go with him. “You’ve never been to Haarlem. You have to come!”. I quickly calculated in my mind what was better for me – to stay at home glued to my LinkedIn search, or to go on a little trip… Well, my inner child won, so I grabbed my bag and joined him.\r\n\r\nThe weather was beautiful that day – it was warm and sunny. And Haarlem…? That city has absolutely stolen my heart! I fell in love with its picturesque canals, antique buildings, and lively atmosphere. “What a wonderful Little Amsterdam!”, I said. To be honest, I’ve been looking at opportunities in Amsterdam only, but when I saw Haarlem, I thought of how nice it would be to come here more often… Preferably, every day!\r\n\r\nWe parked our car near the city center. My fiancé went to the store, and I got out of the car to get some fresh air (it’s a trip after all!). I took my phone and – out of pure curiosity – typed “Haarlem” in my job search. I always say that I didn’t choose to become a recruiter or to work for Your Talent Agency. It felt like this profession and the company have chosen ME. Why? Because here I am, in Haarlem – my love from the first sight – and the first vacancy that appears on my phone is for a Recruitment Consultant at… Your Talent Agency. The job description has instantly caught my attention. Although I didn’t have enough experience for the position, the company’s values and working culture seemed like a good fit. “We are looking for an ambitious, extravert, flexible, open-minded…” – yep, that’s me! But what really encouraged me to give it a try was this one sentence: “We put people first”. It resonated with me the most.\r\n\r\nI guess “putting people first” has always been my natural motto to live by. Since I was a kid, I was willingly dedicating my time to others. When I saw that somebody needed a hand or simply wanted to talk, I was happy to be for them. When my friend was bullied, I was standing up for her. It just felt right. I didn’t get along with those who lacked empathy.\r\n\r\nNot things, but PEOPLE were my focus of interest. Growing up, I got more and more curious about the psychology of humans’ relationships and behavior. In high school, I started attending meetings with a psychologist to understand myself and those around me better. She was an excellent job advisor too. I saw her giving advice to some clients a couple of times, and I remember myself thinking how great it would be to help people make their next career steps…  It was for just a brief moment, and I forgot about it soon after.", "_text_1": "field_6041e94c56b80", "text_2": "I studied Japanese as my major and throughout these 5 long years, I was sure about becoming a translator… or at least that’s what I and everyone else were thinking. But when I gave it some real thought, I realized that trying to come up with translations that could perfectly describe how the engine in Toyota works, was not exactly what I wanted to spend my days on. Becoming a member of the Your Talent Agency team, however, felt RIGHT from the start. I might not have had the experience or degree needed for the role, but these people saw my potential, gave me a chance and tools to explore this new world and find out if it’s something for me.\r\n\r\nOne day, when I was sitting in my room working from home, chatting with potential candidates, suddenly that moment from 8 years ago came back to me as fresh and enlightening as ever. I AM the job advisor that I was admiring in the person of my school psychologist. It occurred to me that being a part of Your Talent Agency combined all the greatest things that I wanted to do. I provide exciting opportunities to grow. I am there for others whenever they need help or advice. I learn about different personalities and approaches to serve the candidates\/clients in the best way possible. My job adds value to people’s lives. It’s ALL about PEOPLE.   \r\n\r\nI didn’t plan it. It wasn’t a logical step in my career. But things I do and the amazingly inspiring folks that I get to work with every day are making it feel RIGHT. And that’s what matters to me the most.\r\n\r\nDear Reader, never feel pressured to look for a job that perfectly matches your degree. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed my studies and Japanese is still my great passion – after work, I teach Japanese, talk with my friends from Japan or read manga. But I decided to start my career in recruitment and I’m happy with my decision.\r\n\r\nTrust your inner voice. Be open to different opportunities. Oh, and don’t forget to say ‘yes’ to spontaneous trips. Who knows, maybe the next one will lead you to YOUR Haarlem? ❤”, “_text_2”: “field_6041e94c56c69” }, “align”: “”, “mode”: “edit” } /–>